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STUD Medical 

Welcome to Sleep Therapy Under Disc Decompression or STUDD.

A new State-of-the-Art Medical exercise device designed to support Healing Processes going beyond the treatment of symptoms.  Your Body is the ultimate Healing Machine and the STUDD apparatus is designed to assist you in attaining optimal health and well being. After all your nervous system has developed you from just

The health benefits of healthy spinal disc

Managing Your Health While You Sleep

This website presents the exciting new cutting edge technology, the STUDD, a total disc decompression system, supports healing many chronic pains and diseases while improving your aging process and quality of life.   The STUDD Medical and Exercise device cures while you sleep optimizing your Fountain of Youth within you.  Remember, your body is a healing machine when functioning optimally.  

The information presented here will provide you the truth about your aging process and how to optimize it without chemicals or invasive surgeries while you sleep.  For more information click on "Fountain of Youth" below.

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The Supporting Documentation is much to voluminous to provide all available here, however please click on [Read Moore] for a comprehensive evidence based research documentation with links supporting the curing processes of the Sleep Therapy Under Disc Decompression device or STUDD.   Also we have provided links to documented evidence based science (blue buttons on the right) for your review.

Join the Thousands of individuals excited about the overall health benefits of S T U D D!

STUD Medical is a customer funded health care research and development organization that provides scientifically proven, non-chemical and non-invasive cutting edge technologies designed to treat and cure many chronic pains and symptomatic diseases without invasive surgeries, chemicals or drugs.  We strive to offer the best advice and products to keep your family as healthy as possible.

Please click on  " Introduction to STUD Medical"

Sleep Apnea Cures

Thoracic Vertebra

​Lumbar Vertebra


The scientifically proven and patented uniquely designed STUDD system promotes your body to heal itself like no other technology available today!

Its Not how old you are, it's how old you look and feel at your age.

Sleep Apnea Cures

Cervical Vertebra